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So many of my clients tell me, “ I wish I had known about this earlier!  Every woman should have this knowledge!”  Well, now they can!  I LOVE to educate people about the pelvic floor and would LOVE to address your group!  Some possible topics include:

  • Bladder dos and don'ts/healthy bladder habits

  • Take Care Down There:  vulvar care

  • How to do a kegel/are kegels right for me??

  • Mini posture and breathing assessments

  • Constipation: what it is, how to improve it

  • Core strengthening

  • Pelvic Floor 101:  Intro to the Land Down Under

  • What?!  Sex doesn’t have to be painful?!

  • Mindfulness and the pelvic floor

I like to keep things informal, to help loosen up any inhibitions people may have about discussing such seemingly taboo subjects.  I also like to include an experiential component, and provide each attendee with a special gift.

If you have any questions about topics I can discuss, feel free to give me a call.

Workshops can also be hosted online, to address social distancing concerns.

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