Who Would Benefit From Pelvic Floor PT?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

In my last post, I mentioned a few issues that people might have if their pelvic floor muscles are not functioning optimally. Some of these issues are:

Leaking urine or poop with activity or a strong urge


Pain during intercourse (arousal, penetration, and/or orgasm)

Pelvic, hip, coccyx or low back pain

Pain in the genitals, or during/after using the bathroom

Strong pressure or bulging in the pelvis or vagina, often with activity or straining

Core weakness

In addition, pregnancy can be hugely impactful on the pelvic floor. Often, women experiencing leakage or pelvic/hip/low back pain during pregnancy are told that it is normal and will get better once they deliver. While this is sometimes true, it is just as possible that these issues will persist, often for several months or years after giving birth. Also, pregnancy lasts a long time! There is absolutely no need to just grin and bear pelvic floor issues when there is help!

Postpartum, physical therapy can be instrumental in addressing painful intercourse, core weakness, and leakage/pain with return to exercise.

Finally, it is vital to understand that MEN have pelvic floors too, and yes, men can have similar issues! Most commonly, I have treated men for urinary incontinence following prostate removal, pelvic pain, urinary dysfunction (urgency, frequency, difficulty emptying), and bowel dysfunction (constipation, anal fissures, fecal incontinence).

And would you believe that KIDS can also benefit from pelvic floor PT? Bedwetting can be an enormous burden, and PT can help!!

So who, then, can benefit from pelvic floor PT? Honestly, everyone! If you have a pelvic floor, you can benefit! A huge component of my work is improving body awareness. Most of us have no idea how our pelvic floors function, and part of my job is to introduce you to this mysterious and wonderful part of the body. I would absolutely love to explain my process to anyone who is interested, so please drop me a line!

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