What's It Like To Work With Me?

So by now you may be thinking that you might benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. For many people, the leap from considering it to actually booking an appointment can be a big one, so I want to tell you what working with me is like.

The first step is to book a discovery call. This is completely free, and I like to use the time to get to know you. Prior to the call, I will email you a one-page summary of my “process,” including my expectations for myself, and my expectations for you, as my potential client. This will help you get to know me. During the call, I will ask you some questions to get a feel for your issues, and to get a sense of where you are on your journey toward wellness. I will also describe some specifics of how I would approach working with you, including how I would focus my evaluation. We could also discuss the summary sheet, if you have questions. If, at the end of the call, we feel that working together would be a good fit for us both, we would schedule an appointment