Postpartum at Any Age

Anyone who has had a baby knows that birth is only the beginning of the journey. For many women, birth can create significant changes in the body, changes that have far-reaching implications. Often, mild issues such as urinary leakage or a feeling of pelvic pressure resolve within the first year, only to reoccur, seemingly out of the blue, later in life. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I have made it my mission to address and improve the quality of life of people struggling with pelvic floor issues. Therefore, I have decided to establish a Facebook group named Postpartum at Any Age. Most new parents ignore the monumental changes occurring within their own bodies during and after birth in order to provide for their new baby's care. This group was established as a safe space for moms/parents of ANY age to discuss ANYTHING parenting related, but especially to get support, encouragement and education regarding the changes our bodies have undergone while making, birthing and caring for our little ones. Share your stories, your questions, your trials, and your triumphs! I am here to act as guide, facilitator, educator, confidant---whatever you might need. In addition, I hope that you might find a like-minded group of parents with whom to share! Let's lift the stigma, bust the taboo, and shed some light on postpartum realness--who's with me??

If you would like to join the group, simply follow this link:

Don't forget to say hello--looking forward to seeing you!

This is me, a few days after the birth of my oldest child 12(!) years ago:

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