About Me

I think it’s only fair that, as a pelvic health professional who learns about the most intimate details of my client’s lives, I offer some of my own story in return. So here’s a little about me:

When I graduated from Columbia with my Masters in Physical Therapy, pelvic health was the furthest thing from my mind. I was settled on a career in pediatrics, and loved working with kids of all ages, in all settings. Flash forward several years, and I gave birth to my first child in 2008. My water broke before my labor had truly started, and about 14 hours in, I had a C-section due to failure to progress. I was devastated; I felt that my body had failed me. Looking back, as a fit and healthy young woman, I assumed that my body would naturally know what to do during labor and delivery. My sister, who had birthed 3 children with a midwife, was present for birth support, and while I deeply appreciated her presence, I realized that the support of a birth doula would have enriched my experience immeasurably, possibly changing the outcome. I resolved then and there that I would have a VBAC with my next child--and I did!

My pelvic floor paid a hefty price during my births, but I did not notice right away. I gained weight, sacrificing my own self-care to be all things at all times to my growing boys. I received a wake-up call when my youngest son was 1 year old; my doctor told me to start taking care of myself or I would need to take medication to lower my cholesterol. That was the push I needed to resume exercising and clean up my diet. I began practicing yoga, drawn to the practice of mindfulness in motion, and eventually pursued certification as a Professional Yoga Therapist to incorporate yoga into my life and my practice as a physical therapist.

Interestingly enough, it was during this training that I was introduced to pelvic health. As I became more aware of the connection between my breath and my core, as I learned how to deeply nourish myself, I realized that the pressure I would often feel in my pelvis and vagina, the urinary leakage, and the strange disconnect I felt when trying to engage my abdominals were all related. To learn more, I began taking continuing education classes through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and was privileged to receive mentoring in the Feldenkrais Method, which ultimately brought me to where I am now. I consider it an honor to guide my clients along a journey I have taken myself, and I strive to learn more every day.

If you are at all interested in learning more about me, my journey, or how I might be able to assist you as you travel your path, please reach out, and we can schedule a complimentary discovery call. I look forward to the adventure!

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