Core Values



As owner of Breathe and Blossom, I honor my commitments. I take full responsibility for my decisions and actions, and follow through on my promises.

As your physical therapist, should you choose to work with me, I will expect accountability from you. Making any change requires commitment, and I promise to be your accountability partner, providing tough love and full acceptance of where you are at every stage of your journey. This means that there is no place for shame and guilt when you work with me. My mission is to help empower you to reach your goals, and I am thrilled to support you along your path.

Bottom line: at Breathe and Blossom, I am responsible for myself, and for helping you help yourself. Let me know if this resonates with you.


At Breathe and Blossom, I encounter each new experience with curiosity instead of fear, and strive to help my clients explore their pain, imbalances and perceived deficits with this same curiosity. We cannot change what we are not aware of, and ignorance breeds fear. Let’s get curious and let the healing begin.


My “why” behind launching Breathe and Blossom is to be of service, not only to my clients, but to the larger community, especially those who have little to no access. My friend Crystal Gouldey and I started a nonprofit organization named Breathe and Blossom Together, and our mission is to provide access to health and wellness services to women in at-risk groups. Improving physical health can be an important stepping stone to improving mental and psychological health and overall well being, so we want to help connect those in need with services they might otherwise be unable to afford.


A percentage of my treatment fees will go directly toward funding Breathe and Blossom Together, and I could not be more excited to serve in this way. Just know that if you are seeing me for treatment, you are helping to support access to pelvic floor therapy (among other things) for all! Feel free to check out the link here for more information about me or the nonprofit.



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