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  • Do you leak urine or feel vaginal/pelvic pressure when you exercise?

  • Are you pregnant or postpartum and experiencing back, hip, or pelvic pain, or would you like to learn how to safely strengthen your core?

  • Have you heard the term "pelvic floor" and wondered what the heck that means? 

  • Would you like to experience a deeper relationship with your body, and learn to move with greater ease?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

Welcome!  My name is Catherine Apicella, and I am a certified pelvic floor physical therapist. It is my mission to help empower women of all ages and stages to reclaim ownership of their bodies through pelvic floor physical therapy. I draw on my experience as a Professional Yoga Therapist, combined with training in Barefoot Rehabilitation and mentorship in the Feldenkrais Method to provide holistic, patient-centered care with a unique perspective.

The best part is, I come to YOU! I provide services in the comfort and privacy of your own home, which can save you time and money on child care.


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A portion of my service fees go directly to my nonprofit organization, Breathe & Blossom Together. Learn more here.

Concierge Physical Therapy

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit


Experience the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy from the comfort of your own home.





Interested in learning more about all things pelvic floor?  I'm here to help!


Fun at Yoga


Small group classes in mindful movement and meditation.  Currently offered online.